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Vibrant Custom-Dyed Yarn for Carpet & Rug Manufacturers

High-end carpet and rug manufacturers choose Southern Yarn Dyers.

Serving Commercial & Industrial Customers for Over 50 Years

Over 50 years in the business of dyeing and sourcing the best yarn for commercial and industrial applications ensures complete satisfaction with the product we deliver.

Whether it’s a custom color yarn to be used in carpet for the White House or a high-performance yarn that reinforces a hydraulic hose, we will deliver exactly what you need.

Services Include
  • Skein Dyeing
  • Space Dyeing
  • Twisting
  • Heat Setting



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Shorn sheep in New Zealand

Premium Wool Yarn from New Zealand Gives You the Best Color

We source premium wool yarn from New Zealand where the climate and vegetation help to produce some of the strongest and whitest wool available anywhere in the world. The whiteness of the fiber allows for an exceptional range of rich, clean, vivid colors. New Zealand wool is renowned for its luxury and quality.

Vibrant Colored Wool Fibers

A Wide Selection of Wool and Nylon Yarn in Stock

Southern Yarn Dyers stocks both wool and nylon yarns in a variety of types, sizes and weights. You may select from the nearly 20 types of natural yarn that we stock for both single-source yarn and dyeing.

Pope Francis

Our Custom-dyed Yarn Appears in High Places 

Our yarns are used by top carpet mills who manufacture carpets and rugs that grace venues, including the Oval Office in the White House. Even Pope Francis has walked on carpeting made with our custom-dyed yarn.

Picture of space-dyed yarn

We Can Also Dye Your Yarn.

If you choose not to select one of our yarns, we are happy to custom dye whatever yarn you provide. You can then select your own color for solid color skein dyeing. Up to six colors on a single strand of yarn can be selected for space dyeing.

We can promise you a perfect color because we will use the same type lighting that will be illuminating the space where the carpet will be showcased.

Commercial & Industrial Services

Twisting & Heat Setting

In addition to exceptional dyeing capabilities, we also offer twisting and heat setting for both customers who purchase or dye their yarn at Southern Yarn Dyers and for those who do not.

State-of-the art equipment ensures a flawless product, whatever your specific application might be.

Skein Dyeing
Space Dyeing
Heat Setting

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